We offer an alternative to the BTEC Sports Studies Course for overseas students wishing to gain a better understanding of English Language, French Language and any other languages FundanSport has a powerful contact with most schools and colleges who are specialist in English, French, and many more languages to deliver intensive teaching for players seeking to improve their language skills, whilst studying towards an internationally-recognized language exam. The course is designed to focus on developing the four key language skills:

The General language course is open to all students over the age of 16 who join the fundanSport Academy Cost: 600 Euro (includes all admission letter, visa, course textbooks, headset, microphone and access to web based classroom) VISA IS GUARANTEE

BTEC Sports Studies Course

FundanSport will be able to offer all players from aged 16 a place at the University in Europe, We not only cater for football development but offer the opportunity to progress on to study towards a wide variety of degrees (Degrees and Diplomas in Higher Education in sport education ).

The Academy has linked with the internationally University to offer its modules for overseas students. Students will register and study directly with the Open University with our staffs also on hand to help and offer guidance.

With the University offers, there are up to 400 modules on offer that can count towards more than 180 qualifications. With specially designed introductory modules which introduce you to higher education in sport , you can then gradually build towards your first university-level qualification, towards a degree and even beyond.

Sport specific modules can count towards:

  • BSc (Honours) in Sport, Fitness and Coaching
  • Foundation Degree in Sport and Fitness
  • Certificate in Higher Education in Sport, Fitness and Management
  • and many more...

You stay with the Academy to study or you can spend the first or second years with us and then continue your studies from anywhere else and you may be (subject to the availability of offers in Europe that you may wish study).

Whilst at the sport study we will schedule the hours per week that you will be required to do, each module on average requires 31 weeks of the year to complete each stage.

Fees for all oversea students are the same i.e. approximately 1,200 Euro per year, this is the same fee as for new students resident outside Europe and who are studying towards a new undergraduate level qualification and are eligible to pay the fees. You will also need to contact Academy to seek advice about Visas that enable you to study in Europe.

Cost: 1,200 Euro (includes all admission letter, visa , course textbooks, headset, microphone and access to web based classroom) VISA IS GUARANTEE